Health Advice

Do you like grapefruit?

The interaction between grapefruit juice and some medications can cause negative effects, especially on kidney level, and sometimes it can be fatal. A woman that uses birth control pills and then suddenly drinks too much grapefruit juice can get pregnant because this juice makes the effects of the pills disappear. Continue reading

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How to maintain oral health

By always having healthy teeth, the process of chewing food will also be more comfortable, the food was delicious flavors will not be disturbed. Another case when impaired dental health. Toothache pain unbelievable, pengennya eat but what can I say when a tooth is sick. There is only hunger and pain in the teeth. Continue reading

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Danger of Smoking in the Morning

Smoking in the morning, especially accompanied by a cup of coffee, has become a ritual that hard to break. However, these habits seem to need to be stopped from smoking at the beginning of the day is more dangerous than smoking on the day or night. Continue reading

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Got Kids Can Make Healthy

Baby is a beautiful gift given by God. Almost every married couple must have longed for the presence of the baby. However, in some situations, there are some couples who deliberately delaying to have a baby. But, you know that the baby’s presence will make your life healthier. Continue reading

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Foods That Cause Acne

Foods That Cause Acne. Acne is one of the most hated enemy by everyone, especially women. Acne is not including a dangerous disease. But its presence is very annoying, though acne is not harmful but should we treat and handle well.
Acne is caused by clogged pores due to overactive oil glands. Although many medical experts who denied any connection between acne with the food we eat, there’s no harm in avoiding some foods that supposedly can trigger acne. Continue reading

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